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Sattyabody presents:

SF Mecca Immersion 2010

A ‘retreat’ into the heart and soul of the SF Tribal Fusion Belly Dance scene,
subculture, music, aesthetic.


Thank you all for helping to take SF Mecca 2009 above and beyond expectations into the stratospheres of magic. Last year’s SOLD OUT event drew dancers from all over the world to our little hub of San Francisco—the eclectic, artistic City By the Bay. We’re so inspired by your enthusiasm and commitment to your training and development as dancers and performance artists, and your ferver and support for the continuation of this event. So… YES! We are pleased to offer you our 3rd annual SF Mecca Immersion.


August 6-11th, 2010


Come immerse yourself in the music, culture, aesthetic, and scene that is shaping the tribal fusion bellydance explosion worldwide! Experience where it all began. Plant your feet on the vibrant pulse of the bohemian bellydance underworld of San Francisco. See and feel how it inspires YOU!

This is not a festival, per se. This is an intensive, or immersion rather--An intimate group where you will get individual attention, top-notch dance training, and a rich community experience over extended days together.

Choose from 3 or 6 incredible days of dance technique and training from some of the pioneers of the tribal fusion genre. Immerse in Yoga, Belly dance, Musicality, Dance Therapeutics, and advanced concepts such as: Movement invention and choreography, theatricality and performance, and working labs focusing on creative process and developing your own unique style. Meet the musicians too! Music is what shapes a culture, and San Francisco is home to some of the hottest musical talent shaping the evolution of tribal fusion bellydance today! We are excited to have them on board for the weekend!



Zoe Jakes (of the Indigo, BDSS, Beats Antique,and Yard Dogs Road Show)
Kami Liddle (of BDSS)
Carolena Nericcio (founder of FatChanceBellyDance, and ATS style)
Jill Parker (founder/Director of Ultra Gypsy & The Foxglove Sweethearts)
Jamila Salimpour (Optional: Special Master Class -- register now!)
Deb Rubin (SattyBody; SF Mecca; former member of UltraGypsy)
Cera Byer (director of Damage Control Dance Theater)
Faisel Zedan (master drummer)
Medina Maitreya (Costumer/Designer/Make-up artist)
Lee Kobus (Foolproofstudios)
Dena Martinez
Fat Chance Belly Dance
and many more to be announced in the coming months!

2010 workshops held at:

Twinspace Dance Studio
2111 Mission Street, 3rd floor, #300

FatChanceBelly Dance Studios
670 South Van Ness

Both are located in the heart of the
historic Mission district of San Francisco.


Also presenting:

The SF MECCA boutique BAZAAR

An afternoon of exclusive vending from some of the Bay area’s hottest designers who are creating the styles and artistry shaping the tribal fusion aesthetic! Sunday August 8th, 4:30 pm - 7:30 pm. Featuring Salome’s Suitcase, S & G, SeaPony, and more! For information, click here.

The SF MECCA Revue

A performance night featuring the crème de la crème of tribal fusion belly dance with a side dish of hometown spice. Some of the world’s hottest talent in both the belly dance genre and beyond! Tickets available here! Single Day Passes now available! Email here to register.

The SF MECCA Decompression

The festivities continue with our Sunday night decompression at one of our favorite local hot spots, Amnesia Bar, in the heart the hip and funky mission district of SF. Evening begins with an urban hafla experience featuring….. YOU! Please stick around Amnesia to catch the musical stylings of The Paper Dolls and Brass Menazeri Balkan Brass Band.


New updates from Last Year:

  • New Curriculum in the advanced track geared for "Next-Level Learning": Taking your art form beyond belly dance into performance art and stage, with new workshops created just for Mecca on Make-up and Hair for Stage, Theatricality, Performance Quality, Creative Process, Costuming, and aspects of musicality.

  • Smaller class sizes for deeper immersion and more one-on-one attention.

  • New teachers in the mix, with intention to feature various voices and expertise of this vibrant, diverse SF Tribal music and dance scene; incorporating all areas of performance, beyond just belly dance.

  • Addition of a therapeutic/health focus, with extra yoga classes available and dance therapeutics & dancer anatomy modules.

  • Same commitment to honoring both the lineage, and history of Tribal in SF, as well as the innovation and future of this evolving art form.

  • Re-kindled focus on supporting the development of one’s own creative process and style into embodied artists (not just technicians of dance).

  • Same commitment to quality learning, community spirit, offering an authentic SF experience, and co-creating "Tribe."

    Go Green With Us!

    The SF Bay area is at the forefront of the sustainability movement and organic, green living embodiment. As a grass roots project born out of this community and it’s values, the SF Mecca Immersion strives to be a model for how we can integrate it all, and be both fabulous and skilled tribal fusion belly dancers and performers while making conscious healthy choices in our lives — for ourselves, our communities, our costuming, our dance troupes, and our Earth. SF Mecca is committed to greening our business practices, and incorporating a holistic focus in our 2010 event. This includes:

    Healthy, organic, high vibration snacks/food options available near the workshop locations.

    Eco-friendly designers, ‘sexy’ sustainability, and socially responsible fashion represented at the SF Mecca Bazaar, featuring some of the pioneers of eco-fashion, holistic health, and organic living.

    Re-using and recycling our classroom and production materials.

    In honor of our commitment to "go green", please bring your own re-useable water bottle, journal, pen, and coffee/tea travel mug for use during your stay in SF.


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    Looking for the Afterparty? SF Mecca recommends our friends: Global Sol Fest!