"In times of love and war, we dance. We dance for our hearts. We dance for a purpose-to educate, uplift and inspire". In Our Village:Kimba ya Simba Through the Eyes of Its Youth,

It was the passion for dance that led women from around the world to Deb Rubin's masterful Mecca Immersion. During this experience, I felt as if we had indeed made a pilgrimage to a sacred land..San Francisco, where Tribal Fusion all began.

Though we "wander separate parts of the earth" I was amazed how natural it was to communicate through a language without words. It seemed that the sanctity of rhythm in unison provided shared understanding. A global gathering of kindred spirits who had finally found one another.

Our classes succeeded in merging concepts that seemed impossible to do in five days; dance, yoga, business, creative writing, spirituality, theatre, costume design, choreography and philosophy all advised by wise women oracles and vixen sages. We were immersed in knowledge and fired enlightenment. I don't believe that anyone ever wanted it to end.

The Mecca Immersion was born from the imagination of one woman who called upon her tribe to unite in her vision. Warriors who created an experience of beauty and truth. Looking in the eyes of our circle as we departed, I saw the same spark. A palpable current of energy could be felt. I knew that we would take the embers we were given back to our own corner and illuminate. Humbled and honored, I intend to keep it lit."
-Participant in the 5-day track
Katie Robianni, Writer LA.com. Participant in 5-day track

"The overall experience astronomically surpassed wildest expectations. Wow! A highlight was realizing the artistry—the creative process-- involved in creating the dance. Like a novella and living canvas. The quality of the instructors and classes were college level. (wow!). The pre-event experience, communication, and registration process was so well done! The SF Mecca Staff was positive, wonderful, amazing."
-Participant in the 5-day track

"I have been to a lot of bellydance workshops and intensives, and I can honestly say that SF Mecca Immersion was potentially the best workshop experience I have ever had. My experience at SF Mecca Immersion was absolutely amazing. Deb gets 10 gold stars! This was ‘beyond bellydance.” Beyond just focusing specifically on dance technique, highlights for me were getting to do more research on costuming, and getting inspired from the outside; Zoe’s theatricality class, and  exploring my own styles. Deb, your yoga class was great, and super informative. I enjoyed every minute of the week!Please do it again!!"
-Daniela, professional fusion bellydancer, Tribal Fest teacher, Florida

"The quality of instructors/classes was A+++. The Dance studio space and the SF Mecca Staff were excellent. The last 2 days (intermediate/advanced track) were so wonderful and so over due. Thank you!
-Tori King, producer of Tribal Massive.  Las Vegas, NV

"I had so many ah-ha moments because the teachers were so willing to share their intimate dance techniques and ideas that make them unique—with abandon. Moves or even elusive styles became clear with an explanation of how to do some movement and why.  The quality of instruction and classes was exceptional, phenomenal, humble, A++. The dance studio space was A+. The SF Mecca Staff was A+"
-Participant in the 5-day track

"Everything that a passionate tribal dancer needs to find her own personal aesthetic and own it!"
-Participant in the 5-day track

"Over all experience was fabulous.  Highlights were the conceptual classes. Cera was amazing.  She blew my mind. Zoe’s Theatrics class was fabulous. The low point was the end. I didn’t want it to be over!"
-Participant in the 5-day track

"This was the best bellydance event i've ever been to. Hands down!"
-Lauren Robbiani, in the 5-day track